Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Feeling So Fly

It's been awhile.

I am missing my chance to enjoy Turkey Week because John is bowling and not me. I know, it's not Thanksgiving until next week. Here's something you must know: at the bowling alley, the week before Thanksgiving, if you bowl a turkey, you get a turkey. It's pretty much the greatest idea ever. If you don't bowl much, a turkey is getting three strikes in a row. Like I said... greatest idea ever.

Another thing I want to say is that I love toaster ovens. I really do. Maybe I sound like I am just slow in coming to this realization, but we just now bought a toaster oven since the toaster broke and decided not to get a new toaster. I think they are amazing. I had an odd obsession with toasters that randomly started when my friend asked me how to spell monopoly. I am a very random person.

I'm tired. Is it pathetic that I'm only 16 and the thought of going to sleep early makes me happy? I had a joke a while back with my friend that I tried to go to sleep before his grandmother did. It's not a joke anymore. I probably am going to sleep before a majority of elderly people. No offense to them or anything. But isn't this the time when I should be staying up late and sleep in? Forget the fact that I have an 8:00 college class tomorrow. Oh, well. It's a Thursday, what could there be to stay up for on a Thursday night? Maybe I have no life. In which case, aren't you glad you're reading my blog?

That's all for now. This is Annie... over and out.