Saturday, December 13, 2008

Giving Less so I Can Give More

This video is well made and I think it really has a point. So, I thought I would share what my family is doing this Christmas. We decided to do things a little different. Since the economy is in well recession, my family knew that none of us could really spend a whole lot on Christmas gifts. So, we decided to only buy each other what would fit into a stocking. (I will be honest, Mom and I both got my brother something that doesn't fit in a stocking, but only because it was practical. Other than that, we have been very good at following the rules.) Really though, the things we will get for Christmas isn't going to be things that we really need. I don't really need anything for Christmas. Christmas isn't about gifts. It isn't about trees. It isn't about Santa. It's all about Jesus' birth so that 33 years later He could save us all from our sins.

It's a marvelous idea, isn't it? Giving less and in order to give more. Spending less money so we can spend more time. All so we can make a bigger difference.

This morning, my mother and I went to Kedish House (which is a local organization that provides services to victims of domestic violence) and wrapped presents. Every year they have families that are in need and so they collect presents for them, so of course, those presents need wrapping. So my mother and I wrapped a bunch of presents this morning. We mostly used gift bags, but I absolutely love wrapping presents. When I go there, I don't just have a sense that I want to give, I have the feeling that I wish I could do more. I feel like I don't do enough, I just want to do more.

So, that's my challenge for myself and for you. This Christmas season, give less so you can give more. Spend less on gifts people don't really need and spend more time, which is something that people really do need.

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