Saturday, August 1, 2009

Single and Saved

Look at the title. I think that the latter is more important, but some people probably think that the former is more important. However, I found this poem from someone else's blog and I liked what it said so I thought that I would post it here. However, I do want to say that it is funny because I was just thinking about how long I have been single (which it has been quite some time relative to how old I am) and when I first got out of a relationship/having a guy in my life I thought that I would just become alright with being single and then God would bring someone into my life. Then after a while of feeling pathetic not having Friday night plans, I figured that I might not be okay with being single, but God would realize that I am trying and still bring someone into my life. Then I finally became content with being single and realized that God wants to keep me single because my single years are valuable years of my life. Besides, I am only starting college, so there is definitely no hurry towars finding a mate. My cousin told me something that was pretty good advice. She said, "Never make plans on where you want to be by the time you are a certain age, because you will only be dissappointed when you get to that age and nothing is like you wanted it to be." I feel that goes for career plans, but also for relationship plans. Because I am 18 and I very easily could say that in six years, I hope to already be married and starting to plan having children, but what if six years go by and I am still single? Will I still be content then? Only if I find contentment in the Lord and not in guys. So, anyway, I wanted to share this with you. The author is unknown as far as I could tell, but it is good and right on:

Single and Saved

What makes you think that just because I am an attractive woman of Godly intelligence that I'm incomplete without a mate? Who told you that without a man something's missing from my life? And if so, what would that be?

Love? I love myself and more importantly I love the Lord. He told me that when I delight in Him, He will give me the desires of my heart. Security? I have everything I need according to His riches in glory. Intimacy? Now, how's a man going to get to know me when he doesn't even know who he is in the Lord?

See my Father told me I'm above a ruby's worth and a gem does not seek, it is sought. I'm single and that's all right with me. See, it's not that I oppose relationships, it's that I detest co-dependency. As a woman I know it is not my role to chase after any man. Esther 2:14 reads that I am to wait on my king and when he's delighted in me he will call me by my name.

My Lord does not intend for me to be needy or desperate. I am to be Cherished, Relished, Valued, and Honored. It's not my job to convince him or convict him of that. My mate will already know it and consistently show it and he will stay on his knees daily - not just to adore me but to praise the Lord for the virtuous woman he has found.

So, when you see me by myself - I'm not alone. I know what I have coming to me. I'm single and saved, and right now that's all I need to be!

-Author Unknown

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