Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just Stuff

I'm in class right now and I only have about eight minutes left to type anything. But, I will stop looking at the clock because I just glanced at it like 4 times before I would type another word. So, my mom almost cried this morning while reading the newspaper article about the fires in California. You know, if I only had five minutes to grab whatever I could out of my house, I have no idea what I would take. My pets would obviously be first. My laptop maybe. I don't really have any photos in my room. I have no idea. It's weird to think about how everything we own will go away. I mean, I know that everything is just stuff. Pointless, un-needed stuff. Stuff that will go away. I love my stuff. Why? You've probably heard it before, that you can't take a U-Haul on the back of your hearse, but it's so true. People are the only thing you can take with you to heaven. So, where are you storing your treasures?

Back to the fires, my uncle lives in California and he is not too far from where the fires are burning. Scary. I don't know him that well, but I hope he's okay.

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