Friday, September 28, 2007


I work at a bowling alley. Not really a cool bowling alley. We don't have much for food. I live in a tiny town, so usually I'm the only one working. Not that this is at all a bad thing. Call me a nerd, but I happen to consider the bowling alley my third favorite place to be in my town (first being my house and second, church, again, I'm a nerd). I have my own bowling shoes. Which, by the way, are really from the bowling alley and are quite old, and even though many feet have been in them before mine, I proudly call them my own. I even bowl on league for the first time this year. Not that I'm at all good. My scores last Thursday were 91, 127, and 115. I know, I don't know what my problem is with that first game. I should have taken a practice throw... anyway, I just wanted to say, that right now, I'm working at the bowling alley.

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