Monday, May 21, 2007

And I Was Looking Forward to Summer?

Here I am. School ended last Friday. I slept in on Saturday until almost noon. Yesterday was church, graduation, graduation parties and a bonfire. It's Monday now in case you're unable to see a calendar or you live in a dayless world. My mom thinks I have to do something this summer, so I just got done filling out an application to work at gas station. Since I'm sure that job sounds thrilling, you must understand that I live in a small town where jobs are limited. Plus, I'd get four cents off gas. With the crazy high price of gas that's currently making everyone's wallet lighter, it's a good plan. After lunch, I have to drive my brother so he can get a job application to fill out as well. The excitement is overwhelming. So, I'm beginning to think something is wrong with me, because quite honestly, I'd rather be in school right now. That's pathetic and I feel like a loser admitting that. But believe it or not, cleaning my room is not one of my favorite passtimes. However, that's what I'm doing, because my mother seems to think I must keep busy. As if having hanging out with people isn't keeping busy?

I suppose I should get back to doing something productive. Yeah, right.

So, until next time (which may very well be later today), hasta luego.

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