Friday, September 21, 2007


Homecoming. I almost don't even want to get into it. It's halfway through the day, Friday, the last day of the homecoming week madness. I really do want to quit. Let me tell you why:

1.) I don't have anyone's jersey. It's like a tradition not to be wreckened with. You find a guy's jersey and wear it. Usually it's like a guy you like's or your boyfriend's, if you are lucky. I was lucky my freshman year. I not only got a senior's, but he was good at football (not this fact mattered to me), he was also the guy I liked and about a week or so later, we started going out. Brace yourself, I'm about to make a reference to The Hills, that guy was like Jason to my Lauren. But that's a topic for another time. I don't have anyone's jersey today. I know in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't matter. Yet it makes me sad nonetheless.

2.) Bonfires are fun. I've always enjoyed them before. However, last night, I was saying how I enjoyed bonfires. Our youth group is having a bonfire after the game for those who are either youth group groupies (like me) or the people who hate dances and instead love s'mores. While, I love s'mores. My friend pointed out, "Ah, youth group bonfires, people always hold hands." I will ignore the fact that their next statement was, "I know someone who if you call might come." Whatever, that was a jerky response, since it was an insult. However, it might me realize that I'm alone. I know, I'm in high school and I don't need a boyfriend. However, all my friends seem to have found someone. I know, I'm a loser. I'm still in the process of getting okay with it, but right now, I'm still lonely.

3.) I don't understand football, but we will probably lose the game.

4.) I'm just really sick of homecoming and want to be out of high school. Too bad I'm only a junior.

Now, I'm going to be positive and just to think of happy things about the rest of today and tonight:

1.) I do indeed love s'mores. They are yummy.

2.) I like hanging out with my friends at football games. I usually always sit by Dixie and Trevor and they are my friends. Hopefully their coupleness doesn't drive my crazy.

3.) ...I love s'mores.

Oh, that didn't work at all.

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