Friday, September 7, 2007

Writing Saves Lives... Perhaps

My English teacher told me that you should write everyday. I think you should trust everything my English teacher said because a) He's a college professor; I am taking it for duel enrollment and because b) we spent just about 50 minutes discussing the definitions of four words--enormity, fulsome, noisome, and capital--and that was just about it. It was a great chunk of time in which not much of anything was accomplished besides expanding our vocabulary with words half of the class probably will forget in five years. I get sidetracked very easily. My point is that you should write everyday. Actually, we covered many different things today in class, I learned a lot the more I think about it. Writing everyday, was really my teacher's point, I will not steal his point. He was telling us that if you write everday, you have a better chance of not being depressed. However, we found a flaw in the fact--suicide letters. You have to write letters. And then kill yourself, which probably more likely than not had to do with depression. I sure hope happy people don't kill themselves. This is sad. I want to talk about something happy again.

Pink bunnies.

Nope, I really got nothing. I have a paper to write by Monday. On a topic of my choice, of which I have no idea to write. Oh, well. By the way, I'm typing this in my Computer App. class, where I am always so focused. My point is, I have a Chemistry test next hour. We can listen to ipods in this class and since I love shuffling the songs, "Chapstick, Chapped lips, and Things Like Chemistry" by Relient K always plays and then I want to giggle, because Chemistry is my next class.

More pink bunnies.

I am listening to Jonezetta right now, so I probably won't hear Relient K sing to me about Chemistry, maybe I should, maybe it would be good luck before my test.


"it's chapstick, and chapped lips, and things like chemistry/can i relate to you the way you relate to me/can you help me out with my chemistry"

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