Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, You Know

I'm in Computer App. again. It really seems I get a lot done in this class, doesn't it? Not that that question is for anyone since no one reads this, which is sad, because thanks to the subscription on xanga where they would just email you when someone updates, my xanga got a nice little faithful following. Sad to say that my writing isn't witty or deep enough for people to have to type in the web address and actually take the time to read it. Sad day indeed. More so because xanga is blocked at the school.

However, I do believe in order to have a blog, you mustn't always write to just get people's admiration or anything. I realize that there are words everyone has in their head, but true bloggers must realize not everything is a hit right away. I don't know why I'm talking about this... this won't get my reader numbers up.

Quite honestly, I don't have much to say. Lunch was a gross sub in a package that was soggy on the bottom. The chips were plain and there wasn't any dip. And I do have a deep love for chip dip. It's not up there with my love of Burget King's chicken fries, but it's still on the list. I'm really just bored and can ramble really well. If that were a talent, I would be so talented that someone would give me a tv-show. Actually, I've seen MTV, so really, if I were just more popular and lived in California, someone would get me a TV-show. No one there really has talent.

I'm so sick of Britney Spears. My mom sometimes watched Extra and ET after school and seriously, Britney Spears has almost always done something retarded. I couldn't less care about whether or not she has the sense to put underwear on or is stupid enough to shave her head, or party so she doesn't remember the words to songs. I don't care. I really hate like every show that talks about celebrities, I hate hearing about celebrities. I'm sick of it. They are annoying. Of course, the news about real issues is just depressing. At least you can laugh at celebrities.

I'm sure I can find something better to do than ramble.


Just wait.

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