Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do Hard Things: Scholarship Edition

Especially in the winter, it's hard to wake up in the morning and find something to be happy about. Not to mention we had a blizzard yesterday with 0.8 mile visibility and are expecting another blizzard later today. However, I checked my email this morning and it made me very happy. I found out that I won a scholarship for $5000 over my college years. It put a little fire under me. Now I want to enter more scholarship. It's a nice feeling knowing that it is that much less than you have to spend for college.

Which leds me to think that I won money and all I had to do was a little hard work. Not even hard work, I sat down and wrote some paragraphs and asked people to write recommendations. That's not even close to hard work. However, my brother did not enter any scholarships his senior year and the only free money he is getting is from his college. And why? Simply because he was too lazy to put in any time or effort.

That's the problem with our generation. We are lazy and don't want to do anything. At Dakota Extreme, Pastor Rich talked about "Living a Legacy" and asked everyone what are some things they could do to live a legacy. He got responses like, "Hold doors for people," and "Do nice things." Nothing big, nothing that even required any real effort. What has caused us to come to this point? While there is something great and important about holding doors and doing nice things for people, there is something lacking in our generation. We are lacking the desire to do hard things. (Can you tell what book we are doing for Sunday School?) We are sitting around and doing the bare minimum to get by. We don't do anything that requires any sort of effort. I, for once, want to change that. I know I am starting small and I am starting just within myself, but I know that one thing I can do is enter as many scholarships possible. Even when I get sick of writing paragraph after paragraph about my plans and future. It's not a huge thing, but it does require some effort. I am just waiting for the big thing that God wants me to do. Until then, I press on.

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CT said...

Congrats on the scholarship! It is always a good feeling when the time and effort pays off.

This post made me think of the word "overachiever," a term that is thrown around by those who do put forth much effort at all. Really, there is no such thing as an overachiever, just people to grasp hold of opportunities and even create opportunities for themselves. God puts things in our path and makes sure we are ready for them, it is our job to make the most of every moment.