Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let Me Say This about That

I would say that I am really not much into politics because politics are annoying, but I'd be lying. I actually really enjoy politics. I find them very interesting, even though sometimes hard to really keep up with.

I enjoyed President Obama's inaugural address. I enjoyed more so the fact that his speech writer is 27. I feel that everyone (even if they didn't vote for him or want him in office) should support him. This country obviously needs change. For example, look at our country, obviously we are doing something wrong. I believe that we need to pray for Obama, because the office he holds is one of great power and great responsibility. I do think that he gets praised too quickly, I think we should wait and see what he does and how it works out. God allowed Mr. President Obama to get elected, so I think we should support him, even if we disagree, we should respect him.

I think we should take this time to trust. Not necessarily trust Obama, but trust God and allow God to have full control in everything we do.

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