Friday, January 23, 2009

Yesterday was One of the Worst

Yesterday didn’t start out badly. In fact, it was actually kind of good. Youth Alive meets Thursday mornings and I brought breakfast and it was all quite yummy. First hour was even good, Abe and I competed against each other to see who could make the higher tower out of cardboard pieces and tape.

In fact, it didn’t start going downhill until my Earth and Physical Science class at the college. Mr. Schlecht asked me to be a volunteer. He put a red piece of silky fabric on the table and put a bowl, plate, glass, and salt and pepper shaker on top of it. My job was to quickly pull the red piece of fabric out from underneath. I tried to go really quickly, but there the bowl went. Crash! To the floor it fell. It went so far that there were even pieces in the back of the room. Mr. Schlecht said it was no big deal, the bowl was chipped already and I was actually doing him a favor.

Then I came back the school after lunch and realize that I have been using the wrong “Aid/Aide” my whole life. Not a big deal, unless of course, you are a dietary AIDE and thought it was AID, so every time you fill out anything (scholarship applications, etc.) you write the wrong aide.
After school I was unloading the dishwasher and guess what I did. I broke a glass. Basically it’s just not my day. And just when I think it can’t possibly get any worse and just when I am ready to go to bed, I do something so horrible…

I drop my phone.

In the toilet.

And it’s broken. All the information is gone. I am cell phone-less for over two weeks.

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CT said...

It's OK, Annie. It really is.