Friday, September 26, 2008

Death and Ice Cream Trucks

I figured out how to wake up when my alarm goes off, instead of my normal sleeping a half hour past my alarm. All I need to do is just accidentally shut my kitten in my room for the entire night. That's sad that I didn't realize she was in my room until 6:00, but I am sure most of the night she was just sleeping under my bed. She got shots yesterday and that really wore her out. Of course, I think she has more energy now, because she's currently playing with my headphones.

I had a weird dream last night. Not that I am going to tell you all about it, but I will say that it involved a prayer meeting and an ice cream truck that turned into an ice cream cart when it came closer. (And the ice cream was free, but I was encouraged to get a $5 donation to some couple... which may mean that I have been involved in too many fundraisers in my day that I am subconsciously dreaming about this.)

Anyway, right now, I will have to go get ready for the day, but I am slowly getting my sermon together, so I have a question for you all:

What do you know about death?

(P.S. That reminds me of John's little song in the tune of Iron Man and it goes like, "I am the ice cream man, running over little kids with my van." Sorry, I just thought of that. Answer my question now.)


Trevor said...

The only true cause of death is oxygen starvation. What's written on the death certificate is like the cause of the cause.

The stuff that digests your food while alive starts digesting your body after death.

When building railways in Egypt, unearthed mummies were so common, that they were burned as fuel.

More people commit suicide in New York than are murdered.

Then of course the whole thing about lefties dying younger, and from using right-handed items.

CT said...

Something I know about death, is that when you kick the bucket in the South, they diagnose you with "DRT." That stands for "Dead Right Thar!"