Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Vote Yes to Skirts

"Let it be known, far and wide- You are completely and utterly free to wear skirts! I give you full permission to be as feminine and attractive as you like! [...] There’s something about them, that delightful thrill you get when it’s swishing around your calves, or when the man nearby recognizes the fact that you are a lady and kindly opens the door for you, or when you feel so flattered by it’s graceful lines…it’s always fitting, always appropriate." -Christa Taylor [source]

I love skirts and I totally find it tragic that no one seems to just wear skirts casually. I did stats and was a student manager for the girls' basketball team last year just so I could dress up for school. (You see, you dress up on game days.) I absolutely hate basketball and don't really enjoy doing the stats, but getting to dress up made it all worth it. Now, this year, since you couldn't possibly pay me enough to do stats again, I won't have a reason to dress up. However, I really am a fan of skirts. They make me super happy. And so, I vote yes... to skirts.

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