Friday, September 12, 2008

This Blog Will Make Me Late for School

My mother just told me that Kyle and I need to learn to be more politically correct. And so apparently me responding by saying, "Native Americans" wasn't what she was looking for. You see, my mother is going to pick up Kyle from college and she knows that he won't say he has been missing her (which, according to my mother, the politically correct term is "I missed you, Mom"). Kyle is my brother, by the way. Also, since I am talking about what to say, it is apparently not a smart response to say to someone who is talking about how they look forward to the end result, "So, you stop at red lights a block too soon, too?" Foot in mouth, goes like this.

I really shouldn't be posting a blog. I really should be getting ready. You see, normally in the morning, I wake up with plenty of time to get done and then I eat breakfast and take my sweet time drinking my coffee, so in the end, I always end up rushing around. And then I make it to school, just in time. And so my non-routine has become my routine.

Bowling started last night. I didn't do that well. Hopefully I did well enough to at least make a 97 or so average, of course, I didn't stay last night to find out how I did, because I was getting to the point where I was too tired to do anything but say, "I'm tired" over and over. (P.S. My average was 96.)

Yesterday wasn't a bad day, though. Underclassmen weren't all being total jerks. Some kid told me to have a nice day, so when he later asked me for a Peach-O, I was like, sure, why not? And then I was walking in the hallway and some kid ran into the side of me, which caused my calculator to drop on the floor and the kid picked it up. And not that Shamee is underclassmen, because she's not, but she also told me that I was cute. I also got hit in the side with a ball in P.E., which kinda hurt and caused a giant red spot to appear on my side, at least Mr. T was like, "Anna, you get an A for the day." Yes, Anna. Because even thought Mr. T has known me for like a long time, he is apparently too old to remember that my name is Annie.

I have more to say, but I really don't like being late.

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