Monday, September 29, 2008

On the Bright Side

Sometimes, all I seem to think about is the depressing side of things, so maybe I should make a list (I do really like, or "lunch" lists) of happy things:

  1. I have really great friends that are there for me and can tell when things aren't totally right and that always try to help
  2. I have a job and even though most of the time, I am tired and don't really want to go to work, I do enjoy the residents. I mean where else can you find someone that likes onions on her cottage cheese and someone who always wants toast (and I know what kind of bread she likes better)
  3. My grades in high school are pretty good (not counting Senior Math, that's not going so well), so I actually don't have that bad of GPA, for only having 5 high school classes
  4. I have a kitten on my lap right now and she is so adorable
  5. I have a mother who loves and supports me and a brother who still makes me laugh
  6. I am alive and even though I am dying, I have a Savior who makes dying actually a happy thing

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