Thursday, October 9, 2008

Milo and Toothpaste

My first old person died today. By that, I mean, that today the first resident at the nursing home died since I got a job there. It's really sad. I didn't think about it too much when I first heard, but by the time I was bowling tonight, I was in quite a horrible mood. Trevor was like, "Are you in a bad mood?" Besides the fact that I was in a bad mood, you really shouldn't ask a person in a bad mood if they are in a bad mood. But, I digress. He died and I am awfully sad. I sort of want to cry. Even though I didn't really know him at all and my conversations with him didn't go much past, "Are you done eating?" I am still sadden that I know I won't ever see him again. Right now, the only thing I can hope is that people don't really die in threes. I do not want to lose two more residents. It will end up being (you aren't supposed to pick favorites) one that I kind of talk to more than the others.

Today was a mixture of things. Yesterday was better. Yesterday April was hyper and Mr. Ulmer asked her what kind of toothpaste she uses. (I use Crest and I wasn't hyper. Not that I really think toothpaste would change your personality. Of course, I think Mr. Ulmer was implying that toothpaste could be like Mountain Dew.) I had to play volleyball today. I hate volleyball. I didn't think I hated it that much, but I really do. No one in my P.E. ever wants me on their team. I am so anti-athletic that it's a shock I'm not obese or something.

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