Thursday, October 2, 2008

Letting Go Gives a Better Grip

Sometimes we as humans are too hard on ourselves. I am a pretty good example. For instance, I preached on Sunday and I don't think I did a very good job on delivery. (If you were there, you can agree.) However, maybe instead of always viewing things as a failure (which I would probably classify Sunday as), perhaps I should try to think of it more as there was something victorious about it. You see, perhaps it's hindsight. Anyway, my sermon was about death. I literally told my entire church body that they were not just going to die, but are all in the processing of dying right now. Having a healthy person hear that just might make them think a little bit more, but then odds are they will go on to have a normal week, without giving death much of a thought. However, to the person with say, cancer, it might leave more of an impression, in fact, it might even make them a little angry or offended. I mean, they are really dying. (Let's not get technical.) There's a women in my church that was in church on Sunday, listening to my sermon. She is a women with cancer. She also happens to go to coffee where my grandma hangs out (and by hang out, I mean she sits around with other old people and drinks coffee and gossips). She told my grandma that I did a great job and according to my grandma, she was giving me rave reviews. So, in failures, perhaps I should think that maybe my sermon wasn't delivered all that well, but maybe it reached someone. I shouldn't about how much it annoyed me that a certain person couldn't stop laughing, I should think that maybe one thing I said made them realize that they will die, but salvation is possible. Better yet, maybe I should think that it isn't about anything I can do or say, but it's only about how much more God can do.

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