Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wake Up

I would start of by saying, "Why am I already done with my shower and waiting for breakfast? Normally I am never done this early," but I know why I had to get up the first time by alarm went off. Yes, that's right, Youth Alive. You see I have always been the president of FCA and while that's irony considering I am not athletic at all. But I dropped the ball when it came to FCA. I thought that I couldn't not get people to care about it so why bother? I didn't lose my passion for it, so instead of dropping the ball, I was more scoring a point in the other team's basket. You know, if the devil were to be an avid basketball player or something. However, Megan said no more of this and wanted to start FCA again, but with it actually being heavily stressed on athletes, she decided to start Youth Alive, which gives a lot more freedom as to what to do. Especially with Jeremy being the adviser and all. So, let it be known, that I don't want to be at school at 8:10. I don't want to wake up a half hour earlier than I need to and be done earlier. But, if I can, anyone can. It being too early is no longer an excuse for anyone. I am turning (sadly) into one of those people that are just barely on time everywhere I go (except work, I am always around 15 minutes early for work), so I should very easily not go and just be at school at the normal time, but winning my school over for Christ is too important of thing to let pass by you while you are sleeping. Wake up, everyone! This is my senior year and this should be the wake up call. This is my last year. I am busy with high school, college classes, and work. I am just busy with even keeping my head above water. I am busy enough just remembering that I need to make time to breath. But, this is my last year in high school. Ask all my friends, I want to be done with high school and I would start the countdown if it wouldn't be so depressing that there's still that many days left. No enough of my friends read this, but reaching your school is too big of deal to not do anything about it. Youth Alive is Thursdays at 8:10.

Other than that going on today, the rest makes it look like today will not be that good of day. Let's start at the beginning of how bad my day will be. First of all, I forgot my Applied Communications homework at school and it's due 1st hour. I can't just go early and work on it because there's Youth Alive. Then we are playing hockey in P.E. Now I hate P.E. but I hate hockey the most. In Biology today, we are desecting rats. Rats for crying out loud. I do not want to do that. I'll watch, but I don't want to. If we get a pregnant rat, I will cry my eyes out. Then, there's Senior Math, which I don't have done, because I forgot it at school. The easy answer would be for me not to forget things at the school, but I could only focus on getting everything I needed for my scholarship, that I couldn't focus on anything else. And then I work, and then bowl. Which wouldn't be so bad, except it means that I don't have any time to just not do anything. Which I have been busy lately, busier than normal, and I just want to do... nothing.

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