Saturday, October 18, 2008

No One Spit Out Their Teeth Today

In my effort to post more, I am currently using Trevor's laptop at the bowling alley. Just so I can bring you a post. Because I know you have been missing out of knowing the boring details of my life.

We have a new resident at the nursing home. While I know we aren't supposed to talk about other people, I will... but I won't use names. We have a new resident and she started to cry because she wanted to go home. It was really depressing. So, I called my mom and told her about it. Now I know my mother is only 56, but still, that day will come when she won't be able to live on her own and on that day, I am fairly certain (not to be rude) that I won't want her to live with me. So, there will be a day when I am putting my mother in a nursing home and she will hate me. A nursing home really isn't your home. For inside the kitchen, I can see that it is all attitude. You will either have a good attitude and get excited every time you get onions on your cottage cheese (p. s. ew much?). Or you will have a bad attitude and cry, only to realize that you are stuck. So, there's another lesson that can be learned from the nursing home: It's all attitude.

As much as I don't really mind working at the nursing home, and as far as jobs go, it's way better than Southside, I must admit I will not mind when volleyball is over and we aren't so short-staffed.

Anyway, I am at the bowling alley. It's funny... I am usually never home. Even last week, when I was home alone, I was rarely home. That's why I am looking forward to Thursday. I have the day off and I don't have school. However, I do still have one college class, but afterward my mother and I are finally going to do something about my senior pictures (that I had taken in June, but haven't really done anything about them).

I am starting to work on the youth group blog now.

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