Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sometimes You Have to Keep Your Cow

I bought a purse online. And after thinking about it thoroughly, it was a bigger mistake than either of my exes. First of all, the picture and description didn't accurately describe how ugly and not right it was, so I bought it, only be to quite upset in the end. I realize that purses aren't a big deal and they aren't anything to get stressed about, but still, I learned a lesson. Sometimes you just need to keep your cows instead of investing in the stock market, because we all know how well our economy is doing.

Before you hear it from my mother, I will tell you myself. I am slightly OCD. It's true. I let a little bit of my obsessiveness slip while talking to my mother a couple days ago. Now it wasn't totally random, we were in Wal-Mart to buy toothbrushes. But I told my mother that someday when I have a place of my own and a bathroom to organize how I want, I secretly (but no longer secretly) want to get a toothbrush in every color and only brush my teeth with whatever color matches what I am wearing that day. Now, is that really that weird?

But for now, I will just keep my cow.

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