Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Respect Andrew Bird's Song Titles, but His Music Makes Me Want to Throw Something

We do speeches every Friday for Applied Communications. Last Friday, I had to do my speech on what my pet peeves are. I said my pet peeves are whenever anyone (including myself) is late, when people use incorrectly, and whenever I can't find something (dispute my being disorganized). However, I think I just discovered two more pet peeves today.

First of all, it really bothers me when people talk about someone else's business. There is someone who I know who has made some mistakes and is now in well, a bad situation. However, there is no reason anyone should need to talk about her, especially not by name. I mean, I sort of understand why people in church want to talk about it. They think they are just spreading the word so that people can pray and let her know that we support her. However, I really just see it as people spreading rumors and giving everyone a chance to talk about other people's problems. I do think that I need to pray, but I do not think I need to go around telling everyone about it. I really don't need to go around talking about it. It's not any of business. It's not any of your business either. So don't talk about it.

Second of all, I don't appreciate people lying to me. Especially about something that nobody really cares about and isn't even a big deal. Why would you make a big deal about it? Why bothering lying? Lying isn't okay. It makes me mad because it isn't something that you need to lie about. The purpose of their lying was because people kept asking about it so they wanted to see how long they could keep a secret. However, if they had just answered people honestly, then people wouldn't have kept bothering them about it. So, really, it is just a case where they want to draw attention to themselves and want everyone to pay attention to their stupid issues. I just was annoyed that I was lied to for three weeks. And then when I was told the truth, she said, "You are the third privileged one to find out." When really, she should have said, "You are the third privileged one that I am telling that I have been lying to you for three weeks, because I want everything to be all about me."

Can you tell I am a little bit bitter and angry at people? Well, I am. But, here's what I am going to do:

I am going to pray. Recently, I have relearned the importance of prayer. So, instead of punching a wall (which is what I really want to do), I am going to pray for those who annoy me and for those who don't know when to be honest/keep their mouths shut.

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