Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Clear to See, Even With My Blurry Vision

I am really tired and I have no idea why I am awake. Oh, wait, I remember. Because I have school. Lame. Anyway, I am awake, I'm alive, and I am on your side. I wanted to post a couple more of my thoughts about the church service in Aberdeen.

Leadership: Pastor Dav came up to us and told my mother and me that the leaders of the church are kind of on a sabbatical (which he said he knows is weird because usually it is the pastor that goes on sabbatical), because they have been leading since basically forever. That is refreshing because it's true the same teachers in Sunday School teach for forever and without much of a rest. Not really saying that everyone wants or needs a rest, but I'm sure people don't always realize what they need. I think that is a sign that they really care about their leadership.

Worship: With the worship band playing worship in a different church that Sunday, it was just the worship leader and for another song, Rick just led the church in a hymn (which I take that they don't really sing hymns much, but it was really great. He paused and commented on some of the words, which shows that it is so easy to forget what you are singing, but it was clear that he was really thinking about words). The worship had a very stripped down appearance and sound. The worship leader really got into it and was focusing on God. It was great to just get down to raw worship, with just one person leading and with one guitar.

Offering: They take their offering by letting people put their tithes in planters. Pastor Dav explained it that then the money would grow the church. Which, I think is really cool. It is really easy to forget what the money is going for, especially when you are part of a church that doesn't really feel like it is growing or prospering. Not to say that my church isn't doing great things, because we are. It is just easy to forget what the money is for and Who it is really for.

If you were from the outside walking into their church, you might see that there aren't many people, but getting a deeper look would tell you that their church is doing a lot of things right and how God wants. And I just got all this from one Sunday.

I told my mother that next we visit Bismarck, but I don't know how much she likes car rides or spending money on trips.

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