Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random or Not, I Like Lists

1. I absolutely love rainy days. Sometimes rain is almost better than sunshine. (However, snow is not better than anything.)

2. I have had my head stapled. Yeah, that's what I get for passing out and hitting my head on the shower frame (I even put a hole in the wall of my bathroom).

3. The only card game that I really know how to play is Go Fish (well, Uno, too, but that doesn't really count). No, I have never played solitaire and I don't have any clue how to play.

4. I am have been to four proms (two my freshman year and one my sophomore and junior year), but I am not planning on going to my senior prom. (And it's not because I can't find someone to go with. It's actually just because I don't really want to go.)

5. I got a new kitten over the summer, but not because I wanted a kitten. Actually, she was left in my backyard by her mother. She had a broken hip and a cracked pelvis. She has healed pretty well, even though she does have a funny walk. Her name is Olive and she is definitely a part of my family. And I am certain our other cat thinks we just got Olive so she would have someone to play with.

6. I really like shoes. And I probably have way more than I really need.

7. I tried snowboarding for the first time last month and it was not successful. Even so, I am all for trying new things. If I get a good story out of it, it was worth it.

8. I know how to change a tire on my car because Cole taught me. So now I am able to avoid that whole being-stranded-on-the-side-of-the-road-because-I-don't-know-how-to-change-a-tire-and-some-creeper-tries-to-come-help-me situation.

9. My favorite band is Relient K, even though the first time I heard their music, I couldn't stand it. (Anberlin is my second favorite, but I liked their music the first time I heard it.)

10. I don't like most breakfast foods. Even though I eat cereal in the morning, I don't like it. I don't really like eggs, waffles or pancakes, but I will still eat them. I even ordered pancakes at IHOP, so I probably shouldn't say that I don't go out of my way to eat them.

11. I have my local minister's license through the Church of the Nazarene and I have preached in my church several times. I have also preached in South Africa.

12.I used to be in ballet when I was little and I honestly wish my mother kept me in ballet and so somehow I wouldn't be as ungraceful as I am today.

13. I love writing, because it's debatable whether or not I am any good at it.

14. I absolutely hate being late, even though I always rush around before I go anywhere. If I am not five minutes early, I am late and I hate that.

15. I drink coffee every morning, but if you ask my mother, she would tell you that I put too much creamer in it for it to still be considered coffee. Still, my mornings aren't the same without coffee.

16. My favorite smell in the whole world is the smell of newspapers. Seriously, when I went on a tour of the Aberdeen American News the printing room was my favorite because it smelled so delightful.

17. I don't really like reading, but there are so many books that I would like to have read that I force myself to read a book.

18. The only reason I don't buy chocolate ice cream to eat at home is because then my pets wouldn't be able to lick out the bowl. Even though chocolate ice cream is my favorite.

19. I am addicted to Peach-Os. They are my favorite candy and I could never get sick of them.

20. I really like wearing skirts and dresses. I like dressing up. I wish I had a reason to more often.

21. I am planning on double majoring at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Ministry and Mass Communications.

22. With the college classes I have taken/am taking at TBC, I will graduate with 20 colllege credits.

23. I absolutely love flying in airplanes, even though I am terrified of heights. Also something odd, on one of the flights during the South Africa trip, I was afraid that I would like develop anxiety attacks while in the air and then there would be nothing anyone could do to help me. Of course, I didn't and I am looking forward to flying again.

24. My favorite kind of sunglasses are Aviator sunglasses.

25. I run into walls a lot and door frames. And desks. And the cart that holds cups at the nursing home. And tables.

The End.

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