Friday, February 13, 2009

Never Too Old for Valentine's

I go to the post office every day because I am cool like that. I actually find that I have very great conversations with random people there. Mostly it is about the weather, because really, what else do you talk about with strangers? With Valentine's Day coming up, it leads to a lot of fun, for example:

Old lady: Are you opening Valentines? Any luck?
Me: (laughs) No, no luck.
Old lady (as she opens her PO box): Well, we'll see if I have any luck.
(No Valentines were in her box.)
Old lady: There's, well, it's not a Valentine, but it's a letter.
Me: That's better than nothing.
Old lady: Maybe I'm too old for Valentine's.
Me: You can never be too old for Valentine's.

The whole thing actually made me kind of sad. I wish I had a Valentine to give her, because she never got one. Old ladies should all get Valentines.

While I should be one of the many people that are supposed to be celebrating Single Awareness Day, I instead want to say that there is nothing wrong with Valentine's Day. It's great for couples, but it is even greater to be reminded that you are loved. Everyone needs to be reminded sometimes that they are loved.

I am going to leave you with that little gem of a thought, but I will end with one of my Valentine's Day memories, because I really can get like a little school girl. It was third grade, so we had a Valentine's party within our class with each person having a box and everyone giving them Valentines. We then had a little activity where each person said what their favorite Valentine they received. Now here's a little bit of back story. I had a crush on Jeff. Yes, it's true. (We are going to overlook the fact that he has grown into quite a loser.) My best friend and I both gave out Britney Spears Valentines (yes, back when parents didn't totally disapprove of her, although that is probably another story). If I remember correctly, my friend and I were probably in a competition because we both liked Jeff. So, when the moment of truth came and Jeff had to say what Valentine he liked best, we all gripped the bottom of our wooden desk with the built-in seats. And then... Jeff said that the Valentine that I gave him was his friend. It totally made my Valentine's Day.

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