Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

I have already reached my quota of fireworks. Hearing them nonstop all week plus I went over to Kierra's house. Colton and Tony lit fireworks and even started to make the bush smoke. It was actually pretty fun, considering that I have never really done fireworks. You see, when my mom was a kid, she had fireworks go off in her hand and ever since, she has stayed far away from fireworks. Which means that I never really got to do fireworks when I was a kid and now I have no good memories of fireworks as a kid. However, I think I will be alright.

Not only that, but I went to my first baseball game of the summer. We won, which was surprising, considering that at one point we were 11 points down, but we came back and won it 17 to 15. And while I never have been much of a baseball game fan, it was actually a lot of fun. It helps being with Kierra, she was kind of explaining baseball to me, but it turns out that I know absolutely nothing about baseball. Kierra and I also went to Serenita's twice. The first time for smoothies and the second time for soup and sweet potato fries.

For the 4th, I think we are just eating out and going to the lake. We will watch other people set off fireworks from a distance. Maybe I will even get to go out on the boat again.

Here is something to remember. We have freedoms as an American, but more importantly we have freedom in Christ. Read this article, here is a little bit of it:

"Southwest Airlines’ tag line is, “You are now free to move about the country.” Did you catch that it’s not a freedom from something, but a freedom to do something? Jesus also offers a freedom to—a freedom to live each moment in the present reality of God’s Kingdom. In other words:
You are now free to be peace even when your life circumstances unravel.
You are now free to be love even when others reject or hurt you.
You are now free to be contentment even when you’re barely making it financially.
You are now free to be the beloved of God even when people put you down.
You are now free to be compassion even when others rationalize their apathy.
You are now free to be joy even when people or circumstances disappoint you.
You are now free to be grace even when others judge you.
You are now free to move about God’s Kingdom." [Source. Written by Jim Palmer]
Enjoy your Independence Day.

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