Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday: My Brother

It is my brother, Kyle's birthday today. He is 19. He just graduated high school in May and he is going to college to major in English Education and minor in Graphic Design. He has grown up with me. We grew up playing in the sandbox and swinging while kicking our shoes off and whoever hit the house got ten points. Not that the points mattered. He is my brother. He protected me all the times we walked home from school together. He has listened to me talk, complain. He has told me to shut up. He has seen me cry, he has made me cry. He has seen me laugh, he has made me laugh. He is my brother. He is my older brother. He is not approved of any guy that I have ever liked. He and I have always gotten along. There have been times where we fight, but we are brother and sister. This past year was his last at home and I will miss talking to him in the hallway next year, but I know that he has a very bright future.

So, to my older brother, Kyle, I say: Thank you for being my brother and happy birthday.

Positive Post Tuesday

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