Saturday, July 5, 2008


"I’m convinced the number one deterrent to community is our inability to be honest with each other. The church often feels like the last place where we can really talk about what’s going on in our lives. There’s a cry in my heart for believers to be able to come together and truly confess to each other. We need to know that those confessions won’t be used against us, that prayer requests won’t be turned into gossip, that we can find real refuge. These days are difficult, and if we need to be in community with each other. The bridge of this song is a quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer from Letters and Papers from Prison, “Only the truth and truthfulness can save us now.”" - Sara Groves talking about her song Honesty

Perhaps I am a little late in discovering this site, since it was first posted a while ago. But, I really think that people, especially people involved in the church should read the comments. I am going to use some of the comments for my youth group on Wednesday, since it is summer and hardly anyone comes in the summer, we are just going to have more of a small group discussion thing and I think I am leading it. It is all about honesty really and how there are some things we just can't say in church or around other Christians. And since I am sort of leading the discussion I thought that I should probably think of my own to share. There is absolutely no way I am going to share what I commented on her blog. I feel a little bad even rereading it now and probably should have used more discretion. So, I am trying to think of something that I can be totally honest in sharing. I am not sure what yet. I mean, I have a lot of things I would probably love to say in church, but wouldn't ever actually say. Maybe I will think of something tomorrow, as I sit in church.

How would your life be different if you just used a little more honesty when talking to people?

After all, you don't need to be Abraham Lincoln to be honest.

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vagabondrunn said...

I went back and read your comments on Anne's post.

That post stirred up a lot of heat in a lot of area's for a lot of people.

Those are the posts that change the world.

[pray for me this wednesday please, it's a big day for "everything"]