Sunday, July 13, 2008

So, Here's What Going Down

  • I tried making bread this week in bread maker. We have a bread maker because my mother got it for my dad one Christmas. So, my dad made bread a lot and it was delicious. However, it has been about six years since my dad has been gone, so we haven't even attempted to make bread. Since I had halfway made acceptable popovers, I thought I should try to tackle making bread. It was sort of my "rite of passage" or something. Even though I have survived six years without my father, I still wanted to prove to myself that I can make bread. Of course, my dad isn't organized (it is where I get it from) the book that came with the bread maker is no where in sight. So, I can blame the bread turning out not as great on not having the book. And I know that bread in a bread maker doesn't always turn out, I half feel like trying until I get it right and half don't even want to try ever again. I want to prove to myself that I can figure things out myself. Perhaps I will try mastering the art of the popover.
  • I am going to Africa in a week. In a week. That's scary and exciting. Scary because someone might leave me in an airport or I might lose my passport and then won't be able to show who I am and then I will be killed or something. And exciting because I will get to go somewhere completely new and I will not know what to expect (alright that is scary) and be able to completely step out of my comfort zone (alright this still goes with scary).
  • Minus the whole I'm-going-to-Africa thing, I do feel like I am wasting my summer. I don't have more than just odd jobs here and there. I don't have it together. Last summer was good. Last summer I had plans, a job, even a guy friend to like hang out with. Last summer I even had peach Sunkist. And what do I have this summer? This summer I feel like a mess. This summer I feel like I have wasted all my time and I am doing nothing valuable or helpful to anyone.
  • My county is having a fair this weekend and it has been super windy, so they didn't pick a very good weekend. Not that I really ever go to fairs. I mean, even though I live in North Dakota, I am not in 4-H, so there isn't anything to do at the fair. I think I might be working today for post prom, but even that isn't a sure thing.
  • I hope you are having a good day.
Stats Suck Sunday, anyone?

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CT said...

We won't leave you in an airport, Andra. God will take care of you, and I don't just mean in Africa. He's got you right where He wants you.