Sunday, July 6, 2008

Love is Here

by Tenth Avenue North

Behind the Song:
“‘Love is Here’ is a song that was written in response to frustration of just hearing kid after kid after kid and adult after adult after adult just saying, ‘You know I would know that God loves me if. . .’ Fill in the blank with whatever, but we run a dangerous game if we start asking God to prove things that he’s already proven. Romans 5:8 says God demonstrates present tense, his love, in how, while we are still sinners Christ died, past tense, died for us and basically with that verse he’s saying, ‘Look God is proving his love for you today.’ Christ died on the cross and our responsibility is to simply fix our eyes on Jesus. Love is here. Everything we are longing for, whether we would say it this way or not, is really Jesus. Our hearts are made for him and are hearts are restless until they rest in him. That’s what St. Augustine said, so that song is just a call to anyone everywhere that the thing you want is here in the name of Jesus.” - Mike Donehey (Tenth Avenue North)

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