Monday, July 14, 2008

Writing and Bowling

Perhaps I am unable to write good blogs because on my two shelves of books, I have have two books about writing. I have not read either one entirely. One is a book that was one of the textbooks for Honors Comp. II. It was a good book. I read some parts that weren't assigned reading for fun. Of course, I also didn't read some parts that apparently were assigned to read. That really isn't the point. The other is a book that looked very nifty and I wanted to read it. However, since I have the attention span of a three-year-old, I didn't finish it. I really should finish it, but again, as soon as I sit down, I would rather be standing and then I'd rather be eating or I'd rather be, well, anywhere but sitting down. And as you can tell, I haven't taken the parts I have read too seriously. After all, I don't use good grammar (perhaps because I rarely proofread anything, so I don't take the time to proofread my blogs) and I start sentences with and. Apparently, I also end sentences with and. My point, you ask, dear ones? Well, I just really wanted to start writing about something so I can now continue to tell you how I am going bowling today.

Yes, bowling today. I live in a small town. (It doesn't have a stoplight.) And as we do have a bowling alley (and I should hope so, I am planning on bowling on league and making it my fall-back weekend plans, plus, you know, I will work there every now and then), it is closed in the summer time. Depressing, I know. My bowling is getting rusty. So, I get to go to Aberdeen to unrust my bowling skills (or lack there of, considering I had an about 100 average). Yay for bowling. If it were considered a sport, it would be my favorite sport. If it were considering a sport, you could also consider me to be someone who watches sports on television. However, I don't think watching bowling tournaments on ESPN Classic counts for much. But I do so enjoy watch guys bowl while wearing plaid pants that are clearly four inches too short. It makes me happy inside.

As for my preparing for Africa, I am just trying to come to terms that I will never be fully prepared. We watched a video (a VHS, we were being all old school) in church last night about Harmon F. Schmelzenbach (say that three times fast). We will be going to Swaziland during the Nazarene's 100 year anniversary. We will kind of be experiencing history and we will get to see Harmon's grave.

As far as my packing goes, it is a very slow process. As is life. So, there you go.

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