Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Circle Time and Random Hugs

I love circle time. Let me explain. I am no longer in kindergarten, nor am I helping kindergarten kids during VBS (but I am helping with 4th graders!). Of course, you don't need to be five to enjoy circle time. The group of youth going to South Africa next month (next month, yikes) have been meeting just about every Tuesday for the couple couple months or so. We practice worship music, human videos, and our testimonies and what not. Sometimes we sit around in a circle and talk. We talk about random things, struggles, frustrations, more random, and even more random (we have group A.D.D. kinda). Tonight we talked about what has been doing not so great. Frustrations and the like.

I really enjoy circle time. What I said what kinda just about how it isn't easy with Father's Day coming up and I don't have a father that I can give a "Best Dad Ever" T-shirt to. I don't even have a father who I am going to send a card or say "Happy Father's Day" to. I don't really have a relationship with my father. I also said how I am not excited for my birthday. Honestly, I am not excited for my birthday. I'm not really getting anything for my birthday (not that it's about things, because it's not, I'm just saying). I'm not really doing anything for my birthday. I might go out for dinner with my family or something, but nothing exciting that I am excited about. And I know that birthdays are really a celebration of being given life. It's great that I have a birthday, because that means I am alive. And I know that God has a plan for my life and had a plan long before I was ever born. I am just not looking forward to my birthday. It feels like it will be just another day. It is the 16th, by the way. My birthday last year was a total letdown. Maybe that's why I don't care about this birthday. If I don't care, then it can't be a letdown. Whatever. It is just another day.

VBS has been going good. Some kid tried to tell me that, "Mirrors are made of windows." You see, we were washing car windows and they were only supposed to wash the windows because the other classes were going to wash other parts of the car. He was washing the mirrors and I told him to just wash the windows. "Mirrors are made of windows," he tried to convince me. Yeah, I am pretty sure not. Kids are quite entertaining, though. 4th grade girls don't like boys yet. Which I am pretty sure isn't true, I remember having crushes on boys when I was in 4th grade. I even remember who it was, but he moved, so clearly it wasn't meant to be. Ha, ha.

Erika told Rebecca that she wanted to give her a "random hug." She said she likes announcing when she is going to give random hugs. So, whenever someone gave someone else a hug tonight, someone was always like, "random hug!" And Jeremy was far away and gave a random long distance hug. It was a lot of fun.

It isn't just Tuesday that I was to say this. But, Jeremy and Heidi are two amazing people. I admire them both for their strength and ability to be such great leaders. Whenever it is with the youth group or just raising a family, it is very clear that they are close to God. They have been married 7 years and are continuing to grow closer to each other. I am very glad that they are both in my life. I mean, raising three kids (ages 5, 3, and 1) can't be easy, but they make it work. I love their kids. I don't really like kids, but I love their kids. Dakota has an amazing imagination. Hailey is always so cute. Roddy is still young, but he has started walking and it is adorable! Jeremy and Heidi have a lot going on. They are amazing people. They even fed me supper on Saturday night. Which is always nice. Anyway, I am glad I know them.

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Starlite said...

I don't really know you, but you posted with Brody and so did I and I talked about how lots of us don't have the kind of Dad that is going to win Father of the Year. You will find a purpose for the family you were given.

The birthday thing is something that I struggle with as well. I decided that this year, I am going to do it up for myself. I am going to celebrate, the fact that I took care of myself and nurtured myself and let God take care of me for one more year. Everyone has been born. It's the choice to live well that you should celebrate. Do something nice for yourself and don't feel guilty about it.