Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Becoming a Reality

A week and a day ago, I held the plane ticket in my hand. Nothing makes a trip more real than holding the plane ticket. Tomorrow is July, and we leave on July 20th. I am very scared. And as much as I absolutely love everyone on the team that is going, we have all been very clearly getting on each other's nerves. I suppose that is understandable, but I really, really hope we don't drive each other crazy while we are in Africa. I mean, we will be spending way more time with each other there than we ever have here. I just hope we all (myself included) realize that this trip isn't about us. We will be able to do way more for God if we focus not on ourselves.

And now for you entertainment, a picture of Erika (a follow Africa team member) and me from when we picked up shingles at Craig and Carissa's new house:
Don't we just look fantastic? (It is a good thing I enjoy embarrassing myself.)

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