Saturday, June 7, 2008

Visit my State or Just Watch the Commercial

Does anyone else really hate those "come visit [insert name of state]" commercials? I think I really do. Seriously, why make those commercials? Do they really think that someone is really just going to be sitting around watching TV, see their commercial, and book a trip to Nebraska/California/Texas/Minnesota/there are 50 states, so figure it out? I just saw a Nebraska commercial, so that will be my current annoyance. I have no desire to just visit Nebraska and all its well-knownities. The commercial did not make me start planning my vacation. It did not make me grab my suitcase (overlook the fact that I don't even have a suitcase and need to buy one). Not that I have anything wrong with Nebraska, I have been there and it is lovely. However, seeing that commercial did not make me want to go to Nebraska. Now all the or like my state. Websites are great, because you go there on purpose. You are really wanting to visit this state and want to plan it out. I like websites. Woo go tourist websites! But, boo commercials. In fact, it is really just making me angry that they think I am so easily swayed by a commercial filled with beautiful scenery. I mean so what if the only reason I use the shampoo I use because it comes in a pretty purple bottle? I mean, I really just wanted to find something to complain about and then the poor Visit Nebraska commercial came on, so it really didn't stand a chance.

That and I was going to post about how I don't want anyone to leave. Like I want my brother to stay to kill spiders. And I want my friends to stay, so I can help where my help isn't really needed on a video. I struggle with forward motion. But that seemed like a depressing blog, so I opted for the more... pointless post. Plus I am just killing time, because my mom isn't home yet. But, I just brought my clothes up that were hanging up downstairs, so I probably shouldn't let them wrinkle anymore.

Enjoy your Saturday night. And Sunday morning. And Sunday evening. Alright, I am done.

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