Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So, The Summer So Far

Twitter is over capacity? This is looks all too sad. And I don't even think it is possible for this to ever happen. Could birds really ever first of all carry a whale and second of all take it out of the ocean on a net? Seriously people. I am starting to feel bad for this whale that isn't even real, so Twitter fix your problems so I can be happy again.

On other less whale related notes, I still don't have a job. Now I could just go in and talk to the boss and I could probably get a job. Several people have talked to her about my coming back and they said she said that she was all up for it. I am a pretty good worker, so there should be no reason and more so with two people for sure leaving within the next week, I should get a job. I just feel bad 'cause I would have to ask for a several days off right now and I don't want to start a job and be like, "Oh, I can't work this day and this day and this day." Which is probably just an excuse. I also need to go to the school and get a transcript so I can register for my college classes. I need to do laundry as well.

So, I have a friend who is a jerk. I don't want to sound mean, really, I don't. I don't really talk to him much anymore, but he has told him how he is using girls and just waiting to break their hearts and watch them cry. And yes, by using plural, I mean more than one. More than two or three probably even. I enjoy talking to him because it reminds me how glad I am that I don't have a boyfriend. It reminds me how glad I am that I never got involved with him because he would probably just be hurting and being a jerk to me. I feel bad though, because I probably did hurt him and I feel bad because anyone who wants to hurt other people on purpose has problems. I feel bad because he gives the good guys a bad name. There are good guys out there. I know there are good guys out there.

Here is something I am uber duber excited about. (Yes, uber duber, that is how excited I am.)
I can't wait for July 1st. (No, I am not Canadian.) Relient K is gracing the world with 13 B-sides and 13 brand new songs. I am so excited. (Plus, I found it funny that an EP would include 13 songs, Josh found it funny too and I knew he would be the only other person to find it funny. Most people I tell are like, "What's an EP?" Josh, my friend, my great advice giver, a music major.) So I am pretty much counting down the days. Only I am not, but I really should be. Anyone want to make like a countdown for July 1st?

And so finally, a list. I love lists. Things I am going to learn this summer (for real... well, hopefully. At least I want to learn these things):
1. How to swim
2. How to change oil
3. How to change a tire
4. How to trust other people (Alright, so I wanted four things on my list.)

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