Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why Do I Love the New Millennium?

"I Love the New Millennium: Kick off your Ugg boots and put down your iPods as VH1 brings you the next big hit in their hugely popular "I Love The" series: "I Love The New Millennium." Catch this eight-hour series that covers the first eight years of the new millennium (2000-2007) and we're not leaving any stone unturned. Don't miss it!" [source]

I love the new millennium for several reasons:
1. We aren't even done with this decade, but Vh1 just can't wait to have a new "I love" series. I mean, really. Why not go back farther, why not love the 60's? Because no one who comments on all this stuff was alive in the 60s?
2. I can recall every single thing so far on this series. Now, since I was born in 1991, I can't really recall everything in the I Love the 90s.
3. It gives me something to watch when I am absolutely bored on a Saturday.

I can't wait until this year is over so they can come sum up in an hour on Vh1.

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