Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not Doing Great Things... or Maybe Just Not Yet?

If you could do anything for God, what would you do?

I want to do great things for God. I am young and I live in a small town. Most of the time I feel like I am not able to do great things for God until I am older or until I am in college or even out of college. I feel like I am not really talented or anything. I can preach a little, but I feel that soon I will run out of words to write sermons and I am not even that good of a public speaker. I get nervous even if I am in front of people I am comfortable around. I feel that I am not that creative and I don't have very many good ideas. I mess up a lot and hardly do anything right. I want God to use me, but I feel very useless. "I’m a little more than useless," but not much more. I am weak, not very talented, and young and stuck in a small town.

I do know that I shouldn't limit God. I know that God can do amazing things even when the circumstances don't seem favorable. I know that God has already used me for some at least close to great things. I know that God will use me in the future. I know all of these things in the back of my mind. It just doesn't seem like that is the case right now. I know I shouldn't limit God. He is greater and knows the plans. I am just here, willing to be used.

I wish I had some answers tonight, but all I have are questions.

Including a question for you: If you could do anything for God, what would you do?

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Anonymous said...

Without questions, there would not be any answers.

You have a gift. Not just that, you also have a responsibility. A responsibility to witness and love those around you, at your school, job, church, or in your town.

"Great" is in the eye of the beholder. What does it mean to do great things? Loving someone is a great thing. Having compassion for someone is a great thing. Remember that great things start small. Where there is a seed planted, there will be growth. Have faith Andra, and remember that it's not us that will do anything great, but it's God who does everything great through us.

If there is anything you ever want to throw at me, question wise, do it. I'm here for the abuse.

Be blessed!