Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1st and Then Some

" When I’m left alone
Down at the heart of it
My doubt was never a sign of strength
I wish I’d known that You were never far
I guess I would’ve known if I would’ve been awake"
-Wavorly, Sleeper

Sometimes I wonder if people ever mean what they say. I am sure some people must, but it really seems that most people say something and do the opposite. Before I can say it annoys me, I must make sure that I am staying true to my word. Because there is nothing more annoying that someone saying something is annoying, but they are doing what supposedly annoys them the whole time.

Prom was Saturday and it was actually a lot of fun. I was tired, but being with friends and what not always makes things fun. Plus, it helps that my date was not pressuring, with meant that I could have more fun. Even though they never played the "Cha Cha Slide," which is like amazing. Post prom was even a lot more fun this year than it was last year. I am glad it over (and that I have caught up on sleep for the most part), but it was a fun time. I posted pictures yesterday, so feel free to tell me how pretty I looked as many times as you want.

In English yesterday, we had to write a journal entry about our writing style. I am not really sure how to describe my writing style. I don't really feel like I am that great of a writer (and yet I plan on minoring in Mass Communications). I suppose I could post something that I have written in the past. I wrote that my writing style is probably very flippant, since my past English teachers have told me that I am flippant. I don't tend to be very serious (which seems to get on people's nerves, especially when they are mad at me), so I do not really think I probably write very seriously. However, I probably do write with the word "probably" more times than most.

Tonight we are having an Africa [Missions trip] meeting where we are going to be discussing important topics and other seriousness. Then I have quizzing practice, which probably means that I should be studying. Of course, I should be getting ready and not posting this blog, too and you see how far that gets me.

And another thing, your shoes are untied.

Oh, you're right. April Fool's!

And for that very reason, ladies and gents, I will be wearing shoes with no shoelaces today. I am imagining the lame-o comeback, "Your face is untied," will be used more than it should be today. I wonder if "you dropped your pocket" can be an April Fool's joke. And for those of you with a real sense of humor, today is also the best day for an Atheist's Holiday, since it is indeed April Fool's Day. In elementary, there used to be a kid that would tell April Fool's jokes every day of the year; it was really annoying. So if you want to tell me an April Fool's joke, you better do it today because if you do tomorrow, I will punch you in the face.

Ha, ha. I wouldn't do that. April Fool's.

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