Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beginning to Start Again

Once you get out of habit of writing, it gets harder and harder to post something. Since my trip to Kansas (which I still have posted about), I have gotten out of my routine of posting almost every day. The hardest thing to do is begin, so here is my attempt at beginning.

We are working on a human video for our Africa trip. It's going to be great once we get it all done and smooth out all the kinks. I kind of dance a little and I realized that (despite spending year 5-8 or so of my life in ballet) I am not really all that graceful. I am a little clumsy. Plus I don't really think I let the guy lead as much as I should. Hmm. I'm sure there's some hidden meaning in there somewhere. (Of course, probably as much hidden meaning as my crazy dream about how I was buying pens at the dime store and Alura's mom was working there; I found a keychain and the keys looked familiar, but Nola said the keys were hers and I need to give them back. By that, I mean it has absolutely no meaning. If you don't have any idea what I am talking about, you need to learn to keep up.)

I learned something weird. (Yeah, you probably won't have any idea what I am talking about.) People let you down a lot. Like it's hard to really count on anything. Like someone saying that they will spend time with you or something, it probably won't happen because they will want to spend time with their ex and then text you about how much fun they are having. Sometimes guys can be absolute jerks. What makes it all worthwhile is after they gets back together with their ex, realizing that I am so much better off without them. Realizing that they were kind of a jerk or "player" (which is a term that when used seriously makes me giggle). Realizing that they quote too many movie lines anyway and you really don't have much in common anyway. Realizing all this doesn't make me happy. Thinking about it makes me sad, but realizing it makes it worth moving on. That probably made no sense. On the bright side, other people end up surprising you. You realize that they are probably one of the nicest people and a great friend. That also makes it all worth it.

On happier note, my college English class took a field trip to the Aberdeen American News. I got to see the giant rolls of paper. Massive rolls of paper. There were so many in the room. Amy Jones (in charge of our tour) was like, "Yeah, that's enough for a week." So many massive rolls of paper. Crazy. I realized all over how much I love the smell of newspaper. I just walked by them, but Scott and Russ remembered me and waved. We sat in on a meeting about what will go on the front page the next day. It was exciting. Well, I think a couple of my classmates weren't paying attention. But it was exciting for me. I love newspapers. I love the newsroom. I love it all.

I have several other things I should be doing right now. (I have the youth group newsletter to work on, I have a short story that I haven't even started due Friday, and I have stuff to print.) I, however, am tired and will read until I fall asleep. But first, chocolate milk, because I am currently totally and completely addicted to chocolate milk.

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