Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Come On, Be Interesting

If you are an Economist, don't read this post. However, I highly doubt any Economists read my blog. I am currently in my Economics class. We are supposed to be working on a powerpoint presentation about a famous Economist. The teacher who assigned this is gone (at Close Up) and he doesn't really even care what we put on the powerpoint. This is the third day we have been working on it, and I got done on the first day. While I'm sure there are many Economics out there who are important and changing the world, which is probably very interesting to some. However, not so much for me. I couldn't care less about what papers and books anyone has wrote. I give props to all Economics out there, but could you make sure you have some interesting crazy quirks about you so when a junior in high school is trying to make a powerpoint about you, you can at least have something interesting to read? Come on now. I am going to make sure that I when I am famous, the stuff on the internet about me will at least be interesting. Which, by the way, is really a joke, because I will never be, nor have any desire to be famous.

I also give props to the mathematican that I making a powerpoint about. His name is John Napier. He was slightly crazy. He was able to catch who was stealing from him with the use of a black rooster. You see, he would put all his workers in a room and ask them all to pet the rooster. He had covered the rooster in charcoal. Everyone who was innocent would have no problem petting the rooster and the guilty one would have the clean hands. Not only that, but his neighbors also thought he was crazy. (Yes, more crazy than my neighbors with the Confederate flag and even more crazy than my old lady neighbor would drives around the neighborhood like five times a week, slowing down when passing someone's house in order to just stare at them.) Johnny's neighbor must have had pigeons or something, because Ol' Johnny was getting quite mad and said that he would make sure those pigeons stayed out of his yard. One day he took the sown peas and soaked them in some brandy. The birds ate the seeds and then they were too drunk to fly. So, props to you, John Napier, for making researching you interesting. Props to you indeed.

As for me, when my mother was pregnant with me, she prayed to God that I had all my fingers and toes... and that I was a little bit weird. She got her wish and now, when I am famous, I will be quirky and interesting and will totally make a great powerpoint. I hope.

I just had a nice little chat with Jeremy. You know, it's kind of cool having your youth pastor also be your janitor. I see him like everyday. And since I am clearly always hard at work, I even get a chance to talk to him every now and then.

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