Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Weird

It's a really weird feeling. When you got something that you thought you really wanted, only to find it isn't really what you wanted. But you know, that feeling is so totally necessary, because the next step is realizing that only God is enough.

It's weird to think of spring, especially since there is still a chance of snow. I hear a bird singing out my window. The sun isn't really shining too bright, but that bird is singing. If I could demonstrate for you, I would. It's like high pitch, then low pitch blending together into a perfect bird song.

It's weird when you realize that it's really not fun talking to someone who doesn't have good comebacks to your random thoughts. Like for instance, if I asked you, "Have you ever had a milkshake made by putting some ice cream in the microwave?" It's more fun to talk to you if you say, "That's suicide, putting ice cream in a microwave." It's not fun to talk to you if you are just like, "No." That's it; just no. Way to carry on a conversation.

It's weird realizing that sometimes your friends are way better than stupid guys who get back together with their ex-s. Your friends are nicer to you and they are incredibly funny. They text you things like, "Brian just said 'depressive.'" Or they understand (somewhat) why you enjoy taking pictures of things that has to do with not quitting. Or they just write your name down as "Annie" because that's all that's needed. Or they know what it means when you say I will practice and chip my nail polish more; they give you a high-five. Or they laugh at your aviator sunglasses, but it doesn't bother you, because you know they wish they could be this cool. Or they know how much you love sixlets. Or they just know. I have some of the greatest friends.

It's weird knowing people so nice that when they see an orange peeler, they buy it for you because they know about your lack of ability to peel an orange. (What? I'm the only one who doesn't know how to peel an orange. I had no idea.)

It's weird to realize that none of these things are weird at all.

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Billy Hirner said...

Your blog is an enjoyable read; it is definitely about time it warmed up for more than a week at a time.