Monday, April 14, 2008

Decisions in Which I Fail At Making

I walk into the room and my mom was watching Rachael Ray and there was a segment about going with your instincts. The lady said something and my mom was like, "Annie, maybe that's what you should do when you are having trouble making decisions." I really do have a terrible time making decisions.

Even this past Saturday, I went to a Building 429 concert with a couple of my friends. However, before it came time for me to leave my house, I was seriously doubting whether or not I really wanted to go. I already had the ticket, but it didn't cost much, so I didn't really feel obligated to go. Even ask Trevor, I was seriously going crazy deciding whether I should go or whether I should just stay home and watch a movie from the 80s with John Cusack in it. I ended up going and it was even kind of fun, despite not really being amongst people that I am really comfortable to rock out around. (I do indeed love loud concerts that make everyone's ears around me ring when they don't wear ear plugs, whereas my ears are completely fine. And I can rock out with the best of them. Just apparently I have to be around people where I don't feel self-conscience.)

Anyway, during quizzing practice last night, Rick was the quiz master and said to me, "I thought you were supposed to be a verse person." Now I am a girl who thinks more than needed. That statement means that I really suck at being a verse person since I totally don't know the verses as well as I probably should. Which really makes me wonder why I am going to Kansas this week. (I leave on Wednesday.) Why am I doing this? Why do I get myself into things that I probably won't have as much fun?

I suppose it doesn't matter, we don't have Say Anything anyway.

P.S. Not that I read very much anyway, but in English class today (since we were a "small class" today with like one person missing, Mr. Schlecht bought us all a coffee and we sat around in the couches in the Student Life center place thing and talked about writing--it was so amazing), I felt a little guilty that I don't really read much, so I really wish I could go to a book store and buy some books to read before the uber long trip to Kansas this week. But, no, I am not lucky so I won't make it to a book store and there's no time left to order any books anymore, so I am so sad. And I doubt I could talk anyone into stopping at a bookstore just for me along the way. Sad. I love bookstores. They make me happy and books smell good. (Well, only the books that smell good smell good, but you get the idea.)

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CT said...

Hi Annie,
I don't usually read your blog, but happened to over Cole's shoulder today. What kind of books do you like to read? Maybe we have something. Also, if you want to stop @ a bookstore along the way, we can -- provided I can find one easily without driving an extra 50 miles.

We'll have a good time -- don't bum yourself out before we go. See you Wed.