Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Would Title This, But I Am Too Indecisive

The good thing about over half of our class being gone for Close Up is that we do absolutely nothing in every one of our classes. For instance, I am currently in Chemistry, but since there's only seven of us here, we got laptops and are currently doing nothing productive. I mean, we are supposed to be watching a video. Honestly, I am sort of half watching it. It's about this guy who kept radioactive stuff in his kitchen in Tupperware containers. I am seriously worried for this guy. I mean, come on, he goes to Kmart and buys several smoke alarms and lithium batteries in order to build a neutron gun. We should all be afraid. He was a boy scout. Maybe that should teach you something; don't let your son be a boy scout. I just learned that Michigan isn't that radioactive. Too bad. I totally wanted to go there to meet all of my radioactive needs.

I went to the clinic today. They tested me for strep throat. The test came back negative. So, I guess that's good. I am currently taking a prescription for my sore throat. Hopefully I feel better within a couple of days. Hopefully I feel better before next week.

I realized again today how bad I am at making decisions. I am the worst at being indecisive. I can't make even the easiest of decisions. How can I even get better at making decisions? I actually have a fear of going to a restaurant and not knowing what to order. I have a fear of it. Who does that? Who has a fear of that? Something must be seriously wrong with me. I also have a fear of going places by myself. I must think others have that problem, but a fear of not knowing what food to order? I must be out of my mind. Anyway, if I were asked to pick strawberries or blueberries, I would like to think that I wouldn't need more than two seconds to think about it. But, honestly, I would probably not know what to do. My chemistry teacher is enjoying this movie way too much. Whoever gets this laptop next will be sick, because I am pretty sure I am coughing. Anyway, I can't say that I would better if someone just made all of my decisions. Sometimes I ask my mother something, like "Which one is better?" and she gets mad. She thinks I don't listen to her answer. However, her answer just makes me realize what I wanted all along.

I wonder if I was ever hypnotized, would my subconscious know my right hand from my left hand?

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