Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life as I Know It

Since I was out of the country for a little while (I was in Africa), I have sort of gotten out of my habit to blog every day. I should get back into that habit, because I like blogging. I'm sure you like it when I blog, too. You better. And really, how could you not? However, this may not be a completely happy post, because I don't feel very happy. And it's not that I feel sad or mad really, I just feel like I am existing. And nothing really more.

I start school in 14 days. On the bright side, it will be my last first day of high school. I am finally a senior and as exciting as that is, I do just want to be done with school. I don't really enjoy starting school, because it means that I have to get used to a different routine. Not that I really have much of a routine in the summer, but it is probably just weird to just get used to a routine again. I will only be at the high school five periods out of the day. I have two classes that I am taking at the college. Plus, next semester, I probably won't stay at the school during my study hall hour, because I better be getting senior privileges. I am kind of just over the all the drama in my class. You see, there are way too many girls in my class that just don't get along all the time. I am just so over it. So, there's school. In 14 days.

I started working at the nursing home as a dietary aid. I think that's the title. It is in dietary, so I am in the kitchen from 5-8 in the evening. I needed a job. I was really wasting my summer not working. It's almost the end of the summer, but still. I work tonight, actually. And tonight might be really important, because it just might be the last day that I am being trained for the number 6 position. So, I have to really, really pay attention. I work Thursday, also. And then I don't know for sure when else I work. I'm currently listening to "Don't Waste Your Job" and it is making me think.

My mother is in Canada right now. After my brother leaves for work, it is a little lonely and boring at my house. Yes, even with three pets in the house. I didn't work yesterday, so I spent yesterday at home. Bored and lonely. Maybe I feel more lonely than depressed. Actually, I really just feel sort of empty. Like I am just getting through the day, like it's my only goal. I feel like crying most of the time. I'm sure I will breakdown soon. I know that's not happy, so I am trying to stay as busy as I can so I don't really think too much. I know, this last paragraph seems depressing. But, it's the truth. So, here is a picture of my kitten, so make everything happier:

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Steve said...

Hey Andra -

Not sure I remember exactly how I was referred to your blog, but I think I read someone noted it as something special on Ragamuffin Soul or Stuff Christians Like....both excellent if you haven't checked them out.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I think you are a VERY talented writer. Your style reminds me of Donald Miller and you should read BLUE LIKE JAZZ if you haven't already. Also, the way you live and express your faith are wonderful to see. God has great plans for you.

I would become a regular reader except that I am a 46 year old guy and there's just something a little creepy about an old guy reading a teenage girl's thoughts. I will, however, make sure to recommend that my teenage sons and daughter check your site out....especially my 13 year old daughter who would think you were way cool....which I'm sure you are.