Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Job

I start a new job today. It's been like oh, over a year since I have started a new job. On the bright side, it's good that I finally got a job this summer and it's good that the hours should work pretty good with school. However, I always get really nervous before I start a new job, because I never really know what to expect ...or where to park. At least I have friends who work there, so it's not like I have no idea, at least I have some what kinda of an idea of what goes down. And I am also not the only one starting there, so there is at least a couple other people who are just as clueless as I am. But, I am still nervous. I am still kinda freaking out. And to make matters worse, my mom isn't here to remind me to smile and be happy and be myself because people love me. Ha, ha. My mom decided of all weeks to go to Canada only like four (or five, whatever Thursday was from now) days after I come back from Africa. So, I miss my mother and want her to tell me that everything will be fine. Alright, I am done being a baby. For now, probably, but still.

I also do promise that I will get my journal entries that I wrote while I was gone up here, but my computer is being stupid and so it will have to wait. I do work 8-1 and 5-8 today. So, deal with it. Learn patience.

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