Sunday, December 30, 2007

Movies and Alfred

"It's not the end
The end of the world
It's just another day
Depending on grace
It's not the end
The end of the world
It's just another day
Don't sleep it all away"
-Matthew West, The End

I should stop posting when it's late. It's almost tomorrow. I don't know if I want it to be tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day of 2007. That's down right scary, isn't it? I should learn to handle change and the future better. I really should.

My mom and I just got done watching two Alfred Hitchcock movies, Stage Freight and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and they were both pretty good. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is nothing like the new one, like at all, not that I've seen the new one, but my mother has and she says they are nothing like each other. I like spending time with my mother. It's weird how much shorter the credits are for movies back in the day. I like Alfred Hitchcock movies. They are good. I like black and white. It's classic-er or something. I like movies. Although, ever since Mrs. Foote made us do that movie unit in English, I can't watch movies anymore without thinking about camera angles and reaction shots, it's like I can't just watch a movie anymore, I start to think about the meanings behind everything. It's ruined my movie watching abilities. I'm not even kidding you. I used to be able to watch a movie and then I would walk away with the enjoyment of a movie. But now, I think about how the camera looked down at the actors creating vulnerability. Or like I would start thinking, "man, that's a nice reaction shot." Of course, after watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I was just really thinking that the wife was a little nutty, okay, not just a little. A whole lot of nutty. A fruitcake, like my mother said.

I am trying to get this post done so it still has today's date. Ha, ha. I suppose then I should stop typing. I don't really have much more to say that wouldn't just be completely random. Well, I suppose I have two random things I could end with:

1. Which came first, the incense or the old man smell? (That's really from a conversation Trevor and I had a little while ago.)

2. It's not nice to make fun of a person who combines slanted and ramp and says, "slamp." It's just not nice. It's not how you make friends.

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