Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Great New Invention

Swivel boards are all the hip new rage in the Jr. High right now. I see little kids riding these boards to school, acting like they are so cool. They must be the new scooters. I remember scooters being cool. Not that I ever had a scooter, but I really wanted one. So I know about new fads. And I am not trying to be all negative or anything, but this new swivel boards kind of look like riding is like a constant leg spasm.

This, my dear friends, if why I purpose instead of calling them swivel boards, we should call them: Spasm boards.

So, children, if you want to be cool. If you want to have friends, go buy yourself a hip new Spasm board. All the cool kids are spazing out with them.

(Won't that kill the fad fast?)

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CT said...

Have you ever seen someone ride on of those while playing guitar? Check out this video of a friend of mine's little brother doing that very thing.