Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Last of my Spring Concerts

So I just got home from the last high school band/chorus concert of my life. It's kind of sad, but it hasn't really sunk in yet so it's not really that sad. (I am not going to be in band or chorus my senior year.) It was an alright concert. It was a Spring Concert and Pop Concert all mashed into one so it took super long. It ended at 10:00. I told Ashley that it was past my mother's bedtime. Ha, ha.

Some highlights: April was a little obsessed with the softness of my skirt fabric. Ha, ha. We sat on the wrong side of the clarinets and so that made playing band awkward. April and I critiqued what everyone was wearing and laughed at girls who couldn't walk in their high heals. And then I laughed at April when she couldn't walk in hers. The program had the word "Intermission" all bold and then the song were under it and I was like, "April, why are they singing for the intermission?" But most of all, the most embarrassing story: I was standing in the entry way thing before you go in the gym. I was standing by April and John Labooty. The Jr. High kids started to sing "Lollipop" and I started like dancing. You know, swinging my hips and snapping. The whole jazz. Then April has a funny look on her face. Our school superintendent had been standing there the whole time. He was going to go into the gym, but I was in his way, so he just stopped and watch me dance. I felt stupid.

Later, Dixie was dancing in the back of the gym:
Dixie: Mr. Herman just saw me dancing.
Annie: Woo! *puts hands up for high five*
Dixie: *puts hands up for high five*
Annie: Now we both have danced in front of administrators tonight.
*We both mess up the high five*
Dixie: I wasn't expecting you to say administrators.
*We both laugh*

Good story.

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