Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Menial Day-to-Day Happenings

As far as eventful things happening in my life, not much is going on. However, when it comes to menial and slightly pathetic things, many happenings are happening. Take this morning, I was done with my shower and noticed a small bug on my shoulder. Why, yes, ladies and gents, I have gotten my first tick of the season. Good thing I have a dog, or else my getting a tick despite my never going outside would be odd. I hate ticks. Not as much as my brother, he is just paranoid when it comes to ticks.

I went downtown (or uptown, if someone would like to explain the difference to me) with my mother and grandmother today. It was actually a lot of fun. My grandma just talks to everyone. I am not sure if that is because of her age (she is old) or her personality (she talks to people a lot). It was funny. My mother also just randomly talks to complete strangers, telling them details of her life that I don't think they really care about. I don't know if I should say, "behold, my future," though, because I do say random things, but I don't think I am outgoing at all. So, the strangers I meet in the future are lucky, because I will never tell them why I have a cat.

My body aches. For some odd reason, I thought it would be a good idea to start lifting weights with my brother. It has only been two days now. I will admit it is a nice bonding time with my brother, but I am weak and pathetic, so I am in pain. Whatever, summers makes me want to be healthier. Plus, I am a little sick of the pathetic state I have been in for the last almost 17 years of my life. Enough is enough people. But my body aches nonetheless.

Do you know what word I really like? Nevertheless. It makes me happy inside.

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