Thursday, May 1, 2008

Like an Orange

Last night in youth group, we watched a DVD called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. I was sitting by Krista and Dixie. Anyway, it was funny. Krista was feeling pain just watching and listening to the child developing process.

Krista: [Having a baby] is like an orange coming out of a lemon.
Dixie: It's more like an orange coming out of a garden hose.
Krista: It's like a basketball coming out of a garden hose.

Anyway, youth group was alright. But I just have to say how much I really don't like high school. I really wish I was a senior right now so I could be out of here. There is so much drama. There is so much drama that it really drives me crazy. It's just all so high school. I realize that no one is mature enough to raise below it. Let's just reduce the drama a little. Come on now.

It's already May. So only like 16 days until the last day of school. Only 18 days until my brother graduates and enters the world has a high school-educated person. Only like a month and a half until I turn 17. That's exciting. It's already May. And, yes, there is a chance of snow Friday or this weekend or something. I want spring. Boo snow. I want to wear shorts. Boo snow. Boo wind. Boo everything.

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